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Chapter 11: To Dance with a Spirit

And the story continues in Chapter Eleven of

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I absolutely love the song "And the Waltz goes on" written by Anthony Hopkins.  I one time listened to this song fifteen times in a row, because I was obsessed with the feel of it. It makes me want to grab my wife and swing our hips through out the room, holding hands and smiles. It's such a fun and lovely tune, with a small spark of sadness and a sweet romance that lingers through out it. 

I know that this book will never get so big to demand or even justify a movie, but it would be amazing one day to see these characters come to life. And if it were to happen, if this small story were to ever make itself known to the golden screen, or even silver screen, heck the bronze screen... I would love to see this song become the theme song to the whole thing. Like Harry Potter's little toy box tune, or Star War's gigantic trumpets. A waltz I think, is a great musical metaphor for the relationship that these two have.

Naturally, I have made this the soundtrack for the chapter. 

A couple lines I wanna talk about in this chapter.

The first being about looking back on life and cringing. I DO THAT ALL THE TIME! This was me hoping to put that out there into the world and people respond with, 'Oh yeah, that totally makes sense, your justified for all the stupid things you've done."
Guys, behind this super cool and epicly awesome exterior, is a guy who is crumbling to pieces with inadequacies. If you read this book and only get one thing out of it, make sure it's this.

You're wonderful, and have the potential to be epicly awesome, don't let your past dictate your future, instead, be willing to adjust to be better than who you once were. The truth is, your going to do great things, no matter who you are. Seriously, you, right now, the one reading this with the funny looking thing... you, you have the spirit of greatness inside of you. Be willing to accept it and change the world.

I was once told something that has effected my personal beliefs quite a bit. It's universal, it doesn't require much to understand the metaphor, but I will explain my take on it.
It's easier to turn a moving semi-truck than one sitting still.

You move, you try, you reach and you become something, and along the way, God (or fate, or the universe, or what ever you think it is that directs our lives, even if it's yourself.) can show you the right direction. standing still will not amount to a better life. It will only give you a good view to watch life pass by.

Don't be worried about what you have done in the past, that you think might hold you up from doing something in the future. As well, don't fear for the future, in that you might make a mistake and cringe at it. All you can do is move forward and do the best you can.

The second line is just the break in the scene. Because I really would love to go into a haunted house with Bill Murray. Not that I think he could really help me with ghost hunting, I just think it would be a blast.

                                                             My favorite Bill Murray film. Scrooged.

Appreciation time.

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You three have now idea what you have stumbled into\, and how much your stumbling means to me. Seriously. Thank you.

T.W. Clawson

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