Monday, September 29, 2014

Thank you to all my fans!

I just finished writing my book.
Like, legit, I am writing it no more. I still have a tone of editing to do, but the entire book, the whole story has been written and i Couldn't be happier. Seriously, I am so stinkin excited.
I am so excited that I thought I would share with you, my design for the book cover. Its only an idea and I have almost no hope of actually getting this done for the cover because authors get almost no say in what it looks like. But doing these things help me focus on the story a little more. Plus its a lot of fun to do.
So here it is. The cover of "The Split-World: the Inheritance". Book one of three in the trilogy. fort trilogy of three. and only half of the career i want to have as a novelist.  I really hope you like this. and hope you have a great day.

T.W. Clawson

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Because a dream is a dream, until you make it happen

If you actually clicked the link and find yourself looking at these pics, understand that no one in the world has actually gotten my art tattooed to themselves.
I did this because sometimes, I like to use my Photoshop skills to help me see an end result. Like working on a book cover, then making putting it on a mock up and seeing what my book will someday look like. heck maybe I'll put some of those up some time.
But for now, take a look at what it would be like if we lived in a universe where people liked my work so much that they had it permanently stained onto their skin...