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Chapter 10: Escape

What in the world do we do with what we just read in chapter ten of 
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This is one of my most favorite lines from anything I've written. And this is a big deal in the book. Though it's kinda sandwiched between a cool magic spell from Ty and an abandoned Chinese restaurant.  

I'm a huge fan of fan art. HUGE FAN! Unfortunately the image above is something I whiped up for the blog. So it's not really fan art. And I pulled the drawing from Pinterest, so it really REALLY doesn't count. But maybe someone out there who might be a fan of this book so far, and has some artistic talent, might doodle something up. Either way, I'm a fan of just checking out fan art. 

So, we left the Magi Temple, and Rebecca knows they will be back some day... We traveled down to the Gold Dragon again, and it's abandoned. 

Here we got to see Ty use a little more magic to get himself into the building. Along with that, we see that he still isn't the type of person who is willing to disclosed everything to Rebecca. We have learned that he was raised by someone out side of the order, and trained by a dark Magi. Which means he has certain habits and instincts that keep him from doing the right thing all the time. 

What I love about Ty and Rebecca is that they pull at each other so much. Ty is continually reminded of Rebecca's goodness and innocence. While Rebecca sees a guy who is a whole new world. She sees the darkness of that world and accepts it as a whole. They make each other better, Ty specifically meets a person who does the right thin all the time, while he is constantly reminded of the bad things he has done.

Also, I didn't point this out before, but the The Gold Dragon is a real place. It's in Canby, Oregon and  it was the first place I ever went to dinner with my wife's family. It's a wonderfully delightedly place to eat, and it is immediately where I go when my wife is sick. It's her comfort food.

It's not as abandoned and out in the middle of nowhere like it is in the book. But it really does have, as my wife put's it, "Holy Egg Rolls".

While they are driving on the road to the Gold Dragon again, I'm pretty sure Norah Jones "Come Away With Me" is playing on the radio. But like an acoustic version. Like slower and quieter, so that if they weren't talking and arguing and such, then they would probably fall asleep to her voice.  

I hope you guys liked this chapter, and I hope you love Darcy too. 

Soundtrack for the chapter - Warm Foothills by Alt-J


Ellie Kyllo - who went out of her way to make me ask her what she thought of the book 

Jay Hisey - Who went out f his way to tell people about my book. You have no idea how much that meant to me

My Aunt, Who started following me on Wattpad, then left a review on Amazon, and always greets me with a smile, you kindness is never lost on me.    

Rebecca - Who said this week "you know what we should do when we're rich because of your books?" and that was the most uplifting thing you have ever said.  

See you next week. 

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Chapter 9: Discoveries

What a big chapter, what a cliff hanger for 

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Hold the PHONE!

"I love him." WHAAAA! Holy sweet mother of Aunt Jamima! 

Here's the thing, real quick. I am just as much thrown by some of the things that I write as you might be. I'm a paying customer to the roller coaster of a ride that is my stories and I'm taken back by some of the things that happen as well. 

This was one of those things. I knew that I wanted these to to end up together. (Seriously not a spoiler when you realize my name is Tyler, and My wife... Surprise! Is Rebecca... you do the Math.) but the fact was, I had no Idea how I was going to have it happen. Who was going to kiss the other first, who would acknowledge the feelings, who would do what. But as the story evolved, especially in this chapter, I saw that Rebecca indeed was the one what would realize what she was first. 

See, She is some one new when she comes out of the Vision of the Phoenix. She has seen something that defines her and as she starts to come back to the real world. She is the Phoenix, she is an extension of the spirit of Faith in this world. And She loves Ty. 

I believe in love at first sight, 100%, but that doesn't mean every one will have that. I don't think these two had that. There was some slight attraction, but I mean... Rebecca's not going to instantly start hitting on a miniature guy in a bottle, so it would take some time. They would need to realize what the other one means to each other, before they could feel love. And When Rebecca found out that she was the Phoenix, the small whisper in the back of her head that told her she was attracted to Ty, suddenly became a blaring horn. 

I love the end of this chapter because it kinda comes out of know where, and yet it still feels right. At least, to me... the writer... and creator. But it's what we want, the feelings are there from the beginning. These two are destined to be together. We all know it. Rather than putting in a weird twist where they don't end up together, I thought it would be cooler to make it literally their destiny. That they can get past it, and get to the greatness that their love will create. 

This is just the beginning though. It was a whisper, a small slight whisper that will have resounding effects. So make sure you stick around to see what those ripples in the water will be. The ride has only just begun for the relationship. 

I'm a huge fan of the imagery of the lamp post and and the bench. It is neither the first, nor the last time I plan on using it and it always have something to do with The Phoenix Haungfeng. The vision of The Phoenix was fill with a massive amount of metaphor and analogy. From Rebecca's entry to the spirit realm, to the Phoenix appearing. Even in Rebecca's exit, I used My favorite Passage of The bible as a tool for creating a way out. 

Micah 7:8 - Do not gloat over me, my Enemy. Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, The Lord will be my Light.

If you decide to go back and reread the part when Rebecca has spoken with The Phoenix, you will probably see the resemblance. And if you don't see it, or care to go back... then...

Moving on.

Did you notice Lady Erin's reaction to the Gremlins? just wondering.

This was the first time you really see a good amount of magic in the book. And man was it fun. You will notice that Tim is a not a big fan of the magic, where Erin is like the freaking Avatar!

The whole process of Magic in my book is something a little personal. It's not just the sort of thing anyone can pick up and do. For one, it's already a small group of people born with magic ability in their blood, then to add on top, its split into different schools that allow for different actions to be taken.

I have grown up reading comic books, X-men specifically, and watching Avatar: the Last Airbender. These were huge inspirations for what these people can do in my story.  While Tim is a Protector, he uses magic to aid in a form of combat, Lady Erin is an Element Commander. She uses her spirit to command the world around her, faith like a mustard seed...

There are people would can do variations of some, and are strong in one, and weak in a another, but at the end of the day it's about the personality of the person, and their own limitations. You can see that Lady Erin is first an Element Commander, butstill has some power in Spiritual Connection. As well, you can see that she has to touch Rebecca to initiate her magic. The whole process is very physical, and requires a great deal of strength and power to do over distance.

Schools that are shown in this book (have already or have yet to come [no spoilers... mostly]).

Elemental command. 
Life would be so much better if we could bend.:

Physical enhancement.
Awesome @marcscheff on @lilithsaintcrow's TRAILER PARK FAE by Dan Dos Santos:

Mental manipulation.
Telekinesis, rumored to be true throughout history but there is no proof.:

Dark Fallen Magic.
Fantasy | Magic | Fairytale | Surreal | Myths | Legends | Stories | Dreams | Adventures |:

Spiritual communication.  
“Do not dismiss the synchronicity of what is happening right now finding its way to your life at this moment. There are no coincidences in the Universe, only convergences of will, intent and experience.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch ..*:

Stick around to see what Ty is, cause yeah, That's coming up real soon.

Chapter sound track - Handshake by Two Door Cinema

Last week I was depressed, and I didn't appreciate anybody. This week I'm more depressed, but I understand that I can't make this a habit.

I want to say I appreciate my Wife, Rebecca. She has always been an inspiration to me, and continues to make me want to be a better man. I write because i want to make money, I write so that I can spread the word of God, I write because is my only validation, but I can only write because I have some one as precious as Her to remind me why I do it.

I also want to thank my family members who have started telling me their opinions, of the book. I can tell that some of you are just telling me what you think I want to hear. And Others might actually like this book, but The real test to seeing if you like it, will be if you recommend it. To me, that's then best way to show your love. Thank you Shawn, Joyelle and Grace. You guys are the best.

T.W. Clawson

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Chapter 8: The Magi Temple

Whoa! What was all that? Did you catch everything in Chapter eight of  
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The Magi Temple, was a gloriously romantic thought. An entire building, a whole monastery in the heart of a city. Sitting on the top most floors of a massive skyscraper. I'm absolutely in love with this idea. If I every make a billion dollars, I know the first thing I'm buying... A rebuilt hanging gardens version of a Mayan pyramid in a building in Portland, Oregon.

Besides my lofty goals of Rowlinghood, I feel really excited about this setting, because it's so new to me. The idea that an entire organization can fit into the urban setting like this makes it so much more magical and brings out the curiosity that I had as a kid visiting new places.

The whole idea came to me when I watched an Anime called Towa no Quon and in it there is a safe house in a penthouse, which is an open field. It was beautiful and so cool. So I deacided to take it a little further.

What I loved about it, is that it's so accessible, it's in the city and apart of it. But it's secluded, and hard to find. This a great place to set up a monastery, and to keep an eye on the world with out the world keeping it's eye on you.

The mains building in the penthouse should look a little something like this:

We have no idea what the hanging gardens really looked like, but these artiest concepts are a great reference. And I feel like Lady Erin is someone who would have taken meticulous care to create the space that honored her family.

And Speaking of Lady Erin, here are some imagies that inspired her and her Husband Tim the Protector.

Mythic Preview--Path Abilities:

Lady Erin and Magi Tim are based off of my wife's sister and Brother-in-law, there names... Erin and Tim...

I wasn't trying to stretch it to far with their characters. These tow are pretty important in the book, as well as my wife's life. Lady Erin is kind and smart and takes a liking to Rebecca, just the way an older sister would. Tim is strong and faithful, helping Rebecca find her way, and being a strong arm her life.

These are things that I see in Erin and Tim in real life. And I wanted to portray their importance in the book. I didn't want to flaunt some where names or make the characters any more magical than they will be.

I want this world of magic to be revealed like a curtain in Rebecca's life. As if she could have known it was there all her life, if she just looked hard enough. But now, being on this grand adventure, she is getting small bits of it at a time, and soon it will fully reveal to see a new and exciting part of the world that she had never known.

While I think Ty is the one that will ultimately introduce her to the world, I believe it will be Tim and Lady Erin that pull the curtains back for her. They will be the ones that stand on the for front of her introduction.

But we will see next week... won't we?

Appreciation :
You know its really funny, this week i was pretty depressed, because I started a contest to give away free stuff. A free shirt every week, and then in a few weeks, a grand prize with a whole bunch of stuff. people just had to start following me on Wattpad, and my followers just had to recommend my book to their friends.
I was saving thsi space for teh new followers, and the people who had been following me from the beginning, and who ever won this weks prize.
unfortunately, no one participated.  so I'm not feeling very appreciative this week.

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Chapter 7: Visions and Dreams

Hope your satisfied with the latest installment of 

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So what did we learn here today friends? Hmm? HMM? Anyone?

We certainly learned that when you are pressed for time, and out of ideas, you can really make something happen. Not sure yet what it was that happened but it indeed happened.

This was a filler chapter of the book. It was transitional, and almost non important, unless you think that massive amounts of foreshadowing are important... then its kinda super important.

I really am not a fan of this chapter. Mostly because of the awkward conversation that Rebecca has with the police officer. It was thrown in there as a way to introduce something more important. Something that will continue to play a big part of not only this book, but also the series. (yes.. I said series.)  But the conversation was, while I think important,  it was hard to write because I hated the idea of being stuck in this situation.

But at the same time, and again, people don't speak perfectly. So this conversation felt a little forced, because it was. It was weird and unwarranted and I hate it, but it's really important.

Plus, with the scene in the Gold Dragon we seen something very important. Rebecca's vision. Not Ty's. This is the first time Rebecca has really done anything out of a normal human being's skill set. And while she denies her belief in the Phoenix, we see here that in her mind, she might believe that Ty is the Gold Dragon. It's just something to think about.

As I promised last week, real quick. The Pheonix Haungfeng is named differently than how it would be in real life. The whole premise of The Phoenix started as two separate birds, The male Feng and the Female Haung, then within Chinese lore, the two became one and were representative of the female equivalent to Long the Dragon. The Phoenix was then named Fenghaung.

Simply put, I didn't agree with the idea that the masculine name should come first for a now feminine character. So I reversed it. I'm not trying to rewrite history or anything, it just made more sense for me to make the switch, than to hate the name for ever.

We are starting to see more of what magic is in this world. And I wanted to make sure people understood where I stand on the whole subject. Because I have been witness to some of the evils that persuade our world, I didn't want to give it credence or favor within my story. I love books like Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. But I think people can misinterpret the magic that they use in those books for something like we have in the real world.

I wanted to make sure that if even if people wanted to say that my books are representative of the real world, they could see that there is something different with the magic that runs along side it. But again, this story is fiction, and the characters are fiction. The magic that they use is based on an exaggerated idea of faith in this real world. That's all it is.

By the way, I am a really big fan of Justin Flom for a video he posted. Talking about his craft and how people have called him out for being a tool of Satan. If you like cool guys who do magic tricks, then check him out.

The sound track for this chapter: Endless Fantasy by Anamanaguchi


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Well, I will see you guys next week right here for Chapter 8...

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