Wednesday, October 15, 2014

In response to a friend

Recently I was asked to help a younger friend in his debate with another friend of ours. Since I haven't put anything up in a while, I figured this would be something cool to throw up here. It also makes me feel like I'm answering fan mail or something. maybe one day i could do this on a regular basis. for now, I will simply post it from Facebook... Hope you guys like it. 

Hey Tyler, this is actually quite the random question but I've been struggling to find an answer, warning; it's comic related. So whenever I bring up Marvel comics, (Name Redacted) always claims that they are childish. His reasons are that it always has a happy ending and has poor character development also that no one ever dies because it's too happy. I try to come up with something to respond with but it usually gets shot down, and I know you lean towards marvel so I'm kinda hoping you can help me out. And like before, if your schedule is still busy you don't have to take time from your schedule for this because these are non serious requests I bring to you. But if you do so happen to get a chance, I would appreciate it very much! Thanks!

First of all, (Name redacted)  is very stubborn, you have to approach  an argument with him slowly, with logic and reason.  
To say that a comic company is more childish another is a ridiculous statement. These are comic books we're talking about, comics and cartoons, action figures and video games. While our culture is trying its hardest to make these nerdy things for grownups, they still find their origin in the imagination of young people everywhere. These characters were meant to be a role model for young boys and girls, they are meant to call to action the decisions of growing adults, and help people see a world that is beyond their fingertips. 

So to say that Marvel is more childish should be a complement. It means that Marvel is reaching out to the people they intend to. But let's look at that as well, Comics, cartoons, figures and videos games. If these are the things that are childish, and Marvel is childish, then marvel is excelling in comparison to DC. They have made better cartoons since the 90's.  The Videos games they put out have always been produced in better quality and have better reception than majority of DC's. Does this mean DC doesn't have a good effort every once in a while? Not at all. The Batman Arkham series has been one of my favorites, ever. My oldest and fondest memory of action figures was my batman beyond figure. The Animated Batman cartoon, and Batman Beyond were right there with Spider-man and X-men for Saturday cartoon agenda. Heck, my very first comic book was a batman book... DC has one anomaly that keeps them in competition with Marvel. Batman. And if you want to try and say that anything from Marvel is less childish than Batman, then you will have a hard time proving yourself. 
 But consider characters like Daredevil, or Moon Knight. Characters that spend their nights fighting injustice. Beating the (snot) out of bad guys and coming close to blurring the lines of punishment and murder... The PUNISHER!? The man who literally kills people for being bad... does that sound childish to you? What about Spiderman? He’s pretty cartoony right? Kids everywhere have him on underpants and shirts or sheets. But he has a massively traumatic story-line and fights characters that are not even close to childish. Does the story end happily for spidy when Gwen Stacy dies? Or Daredevil when Karen Page dies?  Does it end well when Thor is kicked out of Asgard? (kinda, but the point is he had to struggle to get back, it didn't just happen.) What about Tony Stark's Alcoholism? The Sentry who is the greatest super hero and the greatest villain at the same time?  Or what about the very recent murder of The Watcher?  
And if we are gonna talk about people dieing? Where does DC stand? Sure they have killed off; Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, etc. (honestly I know there is more but I can't think of them off the top of my head.) Heck they have killed of their own Multiverse once or twice... and yet... they all (Every single one of them) come back. There is not a character or hero that they haven't killed, that hasn't been brought back to life for the sake of story. And even in the time that they let those characters lie in the ground, they make other characters fill those titles.  Example= Dick Grayson as Batman.  So if we are going to judge the comic as childish based on that, then DC is just as (if not more) childish. 
Here's my thing, I'm not looking to put DC down at all, in any way. I want to read more of them. I have only been able to afford an occasional Batman story. But if I ever get “well off” enough, then I will invest in DC. But at this point I read marvel because I enjoy their stories more. Plus they make it a little easier to jump into places. If being less childish mean you have to be more convoluted and ridiculous, then I really don’t care to read grown up stuff.  As well, I love the Marvel characters. One of the reasons I love those characters is because of how mature their stories end up being. There certainly are cases where Marvel is more childish or cartoony, or lighthearted than DC. Take the Marvel Cinematic universe. While they hit on mature situations and themes, the movies themselves are very fun and light. They have a ton of jokes and keep you entertained. While DC has made it a rule with their movies to no longer allow jokes on screen. So of course DC is going to seem more mature and grown up in comparison, but I don't think a lack of jokes makes you more grown up, Just stiffer, and to serious. The question I have for DC is, Why so serious?

I hope this helps you, and I hope that you guys keep debating. It’s the only way to really figure out what you believe, and what you like. Just remember, your friends are more important that the fake people drawn on a piece of paper.  Try to keep it fun, and try to realize that the person yelling loudest isn't always right... just more passionate.

T.W. Clawson