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Chapter 13: The Girl in the Bottle

This has been one cray ride, and now we are on chapter thirteen of

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It has been pretty back and forth with Ty and Rebecca about what her position is in the story. We see here as the protagonist, the hero. But Ty sees her as the girl he has feelings for, and someone who doesn't understand all the danger he knows.  So writing this dynamic was hard. I didn't want to beat a dead horse and continue to be all "no... you can't be with me... no... don't go..." but at the same time, these are real issues (you know, except for where they are in a fantasy world, of a fictional book). I want people to have fears, and I want those fears to come to the surface in unexpected ways. 

That's why Ty pushes Rebecca away, why he struggles with doing the right hing and doing what he wants. And if Rebecca has learned anything thing in this, it's that she has the power to deal with what ever comes her way. So she will stand and fight, even if that means crying in the arms of a man she fell in love with in the period of a day.

quick story-

The first time I ever told my wife I loved her, we were sitting in my car outside of her parents house. We had just celebrated our one year anniversary (yeah I know long time) and we didn't want to say goodbye. We listened to Anberlin's "Cities" album and talked for a few minutes. When I began my tiny speech (which I had rehearsed like a thousand times) I began to shake. My teeth jittered inside my head. My arms held onto the steering wheel and I'm sure the car itself began to rumble from the shivers that I had been overcome by. I looked her in the eyes and I spoke the words, I love you. 

My wife began to tear up and she placed her hand on my cheek and she smiled. "Oh Tyler. I love you too." 

Joy exploded within me. I think I shook not out of fear, but out of pure adrenaline. I think when something is real, and true and outside yourself, your body will react to it. Trying to hold back the scream of celebration, my body was shaking from anticipation, and from being in a moment that will be for every one of the greatest in my life.

Joy, Trish and Aar are back! Wooooooo! I love these girls so much, they are so fun to write. While we were gone on our journey with Rebecca and Ty, Ara began to develop feelings for Darcy, and when they came back, she realized how much she missed him. It's a bit of a doomed to fail relationship, but Ara is a strong gal, and she needs someone to make her happy.  I think it's fun for characters to develop off page. We want characters to grow, but sometimes it feels like we only want them to grow with our approval. Ara is fun and spontaneous and happy, though she is a bit annoyed with Joy and Trish most of the time. Which is why she would fall for a charming guy like Darcy, he's... well he's a cat, and who doesn't love a furry cuddle ball like that. 

First: Super awesome battle right?! But more on that in a second. 

Now, We have our answer to Irony! If you didn't catch my  reference in this chapter then I will elaborate a little. I love the movie, The Guardians of the Galaxy. In the final fight scene, there is  apart where Chris Pratt's Character distracts the bad guy with a dance off. And it was amazing! I loved it so much, that I decided to do that a little, in my own story.

HA HA! I love it. 

Anyway, back to the battle! Dark Magi verse good Magi, Pixies and Faires and Sprites verse Zomblins!

Oh, whats a Zomblin? That's right, it's a goblin that is dead, and then brought back to life and is now a zombie! To me, at the very least, this is hilarious.  Because just when you think Rebecca is getting a hang of this world, something stupid like this happens. She then has to readjust what she understands and try to come to terms with it.

Rebecca's visions and dream are a bit of deus ex machina, but I think it's kinda understandable. As Rebecca's stress levels, and emotions peak, the more likely she is to tap into what ever powers she might have. which is why I wanted to give her the vision of her and Dona. By teh way, you might have been pronouncing "Dona" wrong this whole time. It's not Donna. It's a shorten form of the name Sedona, which is my sister's name. 

So it's pronounced like Donut, but with an "Ah" sound instead of "ut". Ha! You fools! I have treicked you all! Ha ha!

Soundtrack song - Aminals by Baths (yes I spelled is right.)

To all of you who have been following the book and the blog, you are the greatest people I know. And I hope that one day we can chat in person about all the thing you think about my book.

T.W. Clawson

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