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And that is the end of

If you haven't read the book at all, then this is a terrible place to start. Go to Wattpad and read the thing for free. Tell your friends about it, and come back here to get all your extra content. 

If you finished the book and find that you wanna own it for some reason, or you have yet to read it and you want to just have it with you for ever and always, go buy a copy. 

I am ambivalent, and it is bittersweet to say that this is that last part of the book. I have put quite a bit of time into this project and it's great to see that people are getting into it. I hope that you all really liked it and let it speak to you. I hope that you will continue to pass this story on, and maybe share this blog, that my words will make others laugh and fall in love with the characters that I love so much.

This is the end.

Rebecca and Ty are safe (for now) and healthy, back at the hotel to start their new lives in the unknown. Rebecca is being brought into a world completely new to her, and leaving behind her old life to experience. While Ty is being forced to study in an environment that is completely opposite from that which he and Dona were raised in. In reality, The two of them are in for pretty much the same shock.

Little tidbit, Rebecca was home schooled before this. How did her parents react to the sudden change in schooling? or the fact that she has a very odd, and suddenly serious, boyfriend? GOOD QUESTION!

Is Martha going to enjoy having Rebecca and Dona in the same room? What is Lady Erin planning for the new couple? Will Ty ever deal with the fact that the sages of the Phoenix Temple deeply distrust him?

I wrote this book for my Wife, but at the end of the day this was a great thing for me. It's gets me a chance to share some of my work with complete strangers and beg them for their attention and approval. I can tell you right now, that nothing will amount to the joy that I had when my wife told me she was reading her copy of the book. She laughed and told me the things she liked, and how much she loved Darcy, and the representations of some of her friends. She enjoyed reading my work.

If this book goes down in history as the worst thing in the world, if people declare it evil and ban it from the U.S., but then there's a really small group of people who gather around and read it in secret, until one day when the government comes in and burns every copy in existence ... and then... and then people are outraged because of the way that the U.S. oppresses it's own people and then a great civil war breaks out (Civil War 2) but then the UN intercedes and we go berserk and then other countries are brought into keep people from flooding to Canada and Mexico. Soon a third world war starts, and Ironically enough our only allies are Germany and Madagascar and South Iceland.

 Even.. wow... even if all that happens... I will still be happy I wrote it. Cause my wife enjoyed it.

But now we know, if you wanna keep world war 3 from starting, then you should probably leave me good reviews... Just saying, play it safe.

Something that is not included in the Wattpad edition of the book, but is in the e-book and paperback is an Appreciation page. I think it will make sense. It follows below:


Thank you to all my supporters and to all the people who’ve put up with me through this whole process. I have always been jealous of musicians, because they get the opportunity to thank the people who have affected them the most. Realizing long ago that this was one of the most important processes to creating anything, I decided that no matter what I ended up creating, I would thank the people that helped me. So here we go.

Jesus of Nazareth. You give, and you give and you give. And I only take. I hope that one day I can give like you.

Dutch Bros. in Canby Oregon; Thanks for letting me steal you wifi, and make one drink last four hours or so. Thanks for seeming like you’re very interested in my work. Even if you’re really not.  

Mr. Greenleaf (My 8th grade teacher); you one time made me write a five page report that I have yet to finish. You also helped me by letting me borrow a book to help inspire me, which you did, and the book, I have yet to return. But if you’re reading this then know that you accomplished something in me, and you made me want to write.

The Big Frog in Beaverton; you paid me to make shirts, but it was slow… So I did this instead. You guys are the best bosses I have ever had.

most importantly I want to appreciate the woman that has taken time out of her life to edit not just this book, but my first. which is considerably larger than this one, and she did it TWICE! Tracy, you area wonderful human being, and I seriously woudl not be here with out you. It means the world to me that God would make a person kind enough to put up with my terrible writing. Then, still encourage me as much as you have. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

I hope that I can do this for every book I write. Because, yes, this book is dedicated to My wife, My Moon, but there are so many people in my life that deserve to be thanked. So many people who should be appreciated for helping me accomplish what I have. I hope no one reads this and thinks that I don't appreciate them. I just don't plan on writing only one book, and I want to make sure I appreciate people in twenty years when I'm writing my twenty-fourth book, and I could use a little humility.

So this is it. This is the end. Honestly, I'm not sad, I'm not tearing up or conflicted. I'm excited. I'm excited about working on my next project and getting my name out there. And I hope that if you're the type of person that has something to share with the world, if you have a talent or skill, a passion or obsession, I hope this would encourage you to do it. Just do it, that's all it takes. I'm so happy to get some of my work out there, even if I'm not going to make a million dollars off it, I'm still proud of it.

Several times now, I have said it, but I really hope you enjoyed this book, and this blog. I hope that you woudl pass the book along to someone you care about. read it to a young one who might enjoy a good story. I pray that there are at least three people that you can put this into the hands of, and change their lives.

I have Faith in my God above, that I am meant to do more that just work retail for the rest of my life. I believe that imagination is a spiritual gift, and that I have that gift. to inspire the world with my words.

I have Hope, to become something great. Not in my own eyes, but in the eyes of my (future) children and my wife. In the eye's of Christ, that he will welcome me home, after falling into eternity, and he will tell me, "well done."  Hope that I will help people, all people. The weird, the odd, the sick, Gay or Straight, Christian or Darwinist, Pepsi or Coke lover... No matter. I want to inspire people to be great!

I have Love, a great love! Love that moves me to write, stirs me to create, muses me into making. But more than that, I have Love that makes me love others. It pours out of me and into the world. It makes me patient and kind. It keeps me humble and helpful. Love is the strongest desire that we grow into. Like our eyes, loves is born into us and our lives move around it, and soon we catch up. I have been loved by Christ since I was made, and I bath in the light of the Sun that is his love. But I have lived in dark days, and I can see dawn coming along. And in the cold and dark times, I have lived off the love that my wife warmed me with. Because she is my Moon. She is the reflection of God's love in my life.

My Rebecca Moon, and My Dream come true.

T.W. Clawson   

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