Saturday, April 23, 2016

Chapter 14: Faith, Hope and Love

Well.. Here it is... Chapter fourteen, the final chapter of 

If you are ready to pick up the book and enjoy it on your bookshelf forever then go here to pick it up. 

If you have yet to read this chapter, and just wanna know whats going on, then head over to Wattpad. 

This is it. The last chapter of Rebecca Moon and the boy in the Bottle. There is not much that goes into it, other than finishing out the story.

You guys know all the characters, you understand most of my motive. The only thing new here is The Gold Dragon himself.
Long is to Ty, what Haung is to Rebecca.  And Long comes to Ty in his moments of great need. Like standing on the edge of death. I didn't make the metaphor to hard to grasp. Standing on the edge of a cliff, and on the edge of death... kinda go hand in hand.

One thing about me, and as my career in writing continues, you will see that I have a weird obsession with falling.

Like, I think about it everyday. I use to fall asleep (no pun intended) to a scene in my head of a guy falling and/or jumping off a cliff. I'm not suicidal, cause the point of the fall is not to die. I don't want to die. BUT, the idea of dying could be a lot like falling from a tall place. The experience can only be done once. We all fear it, and wonder about it, but never really know what it will be like. What terror runs through the mind, what Joy sweeps over the skin as air rushes past us. fact that Ty is standing on the edge of a cliff side looking down into death is not accidental. He is enticed by it, called by it, he longs for it. Not in an EMO depressed kinda way, but rather a human nature to want to see it, to experience it, sort of way.

Did you forget about the Grasshopper? I didn't. I was hoping to use it for something fun, but I think Rebecca standing up for herself and using it was pretty awesome. But I'm a little bias.

This is indeed, the last full chapter of the book. I said everything I wanted to say, and began something I wanted to begin. The love between two people who barely know each other, and find that they are inevitably intertwined. Star Crossed Lovers.

That being said, There is one more part of the book that I will be posting next week. The Epilogue. I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this post, because I have to start on the next one. Lot's of stuff to cover. People to thank, and questions to answer. So I will end with this, just to keep you coming back for more.  

This is the end of Rebecca and Ty's story in the book. So the question will be, who are we going to read about next week? Who will help us get just a little more info? Guess you'll have to come back one more week... One more dern week and find out.

Or you could just go buy the book.

Sound track for the chapter. I actually saved this one for the last chapter, and it had a huge impact on the feel of the whole book. This is my favorite band, The Classic Crime.
And their song "The Precipice". 

I'm gonna holed of on my final Appreciation, until next week. So come back soon!

T.W. Clawson

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