Saturday, March 26, 2016

Chapter 10: Escape

What in the world do we do with what we just read in chapter ten of 
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This is one of my most favorite lines from anything I've written. And this is a big deal in the book. Though it's kinda sandwiched between a cool magic spell from Ty and an abandoned Chinese restaurant.  

I'm a huge fan of fan art. HUGE FAN! Unfortunately the image above is something I whiped up for the blog. So it's not really fan art. And I pulled the drawing from Pinterest, so it really REALLY doesn't count. But maybe someone out there who might be a fan of this book so far, and has some artistic talent, might doodle something up. Either way, I'm a fan of just checking out fan art. 

So, we left the Magi Temple, and Rebecca knows they will be back some day... We traveled down to the Gold Dragon again, and it's abandoned. 

Here we got to see Ty use a little more magic to get himself into the building. Along with that, we see that he still isn't the type of person who is willing to disclosed everything to Rebecca. We have learned that he was raised by someone out side of the order, and trained by a dark Magi. Which means he has certain habits and instincts that keep him from doing the right thing all the time. 

What I love about Ty and Rebecca is that they pull at each other so much. Ty is continually reminded of Rebecca's goodness and innocence. While Rebecca sees a guy who is a whole new world. She sees the darkness of that world and accepts it as a whole. They make each other better, Ty specifically meets a person who does the right thin all the time, while he is constantly reminded of the bad things he has done.

Also, I didn't point this out before, but the The Gold Dragon is a real place. It's in Canby, Oregon and  it was the first place I ever went to dinner with my wife's family. It's a wonderfully delightedly place to eat, and it is immediately where I go when my wife is sick. It's her comfort food.

It's not as abandoned and out in the middle of nowhere like it is in the book. But it really does have, as my wife put's it, "Holy Egg Rolls".

While they are driving on the road to the Gold Dragon again, I'm pretty sure Norah Jones "Come Away With Me" is playing on the radio. But like an acoustic version. Like slower and quieter, so that if they weren't talking and arguing and such, then they would probably fall asleep to her voice.  

I hope you guys liked this chapter, and I hope you love Darcy too. 

Soundtrack for the chapter - Warm Foothills by Alt-J


Ellie Kyllo - who went out of her way to make me ask her what she thought of the book 

Jay Hisey - Who went out f his way to tell people about my book. You have no idea how much that meant to me

My Aunt, Who started following me on Wattpad, then left a review on Amazon, and always greets me with a smile, you kindness is never lost on me.    

Rebecca - Who said this week "you know what we should do when we're rich because of your books?" and that was the most uplifting thing you have ever said.  

See you next week. 

T.W. Clawson

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