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Chapter 12: Facing Demons

There is so much to go over from Chapter Twelve of

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To start things off, I love names and their meanings.The symbolism behind a name and how that mixes with the personality to which the name belongs. Enduring a name that is given to a person, or becoming what the name entails is the decision of a lifetime. In this case, the name came after the ghost had formed.

Kame Malory - The name begins in African origin. Meaning desolate, in this book the name is identified with a character that is unwanted and rather unlike. While Malory comes from French translation of Malore', meaning unfortunate one, unlucky. character, Kame, has a rich back story that isn't divulged to much in this book, but is indeed quite extensive.  A magical person, Magi or not, she was some one with a Spiritual Connection gift and didn't know how to properly use it. When she died, a very very unfortunate way I might add, she called to herself the spirits of the dead that had been rejected and torn from this world in pain and anger. Then imprinting her spirit on the house (for private reasons) she created a presence that occupied the house. 

This Ghost that we have seen was a sad and lonely creature that wanted only love. When Rebecca began to understand it, she realized that the pain was self inflicted and that how Ty saw Rebecca stirred up something inside the spirit. It was enough to help Rebecca take mercy on the creature and give it a good farewell.

Some of you may have noticed it, and I won't spend a lot of time on it cause I don't want to be too obvious about it, but I had a small C.S Lewis allusion . I'm a HUGE fan of C.S. Lewis and his book, The Great Divorce, is one of my absolute favorites. That's all I will say on the subject. Hope you found it, and if not... happy hunting. 

Neal and Ty are not so different. Ty was basically raised by this man, and his entire sense of magical ability is based on what Neal has taught him. So naturally Ty woudl be pretty close to Neal, and they woudl share a lot of the same techniques. But to a finer point, they think alike. Both are emotionally driven and have a sense of honor and duty.

The first thing I could think to say was, "You look ridiculous." The demon slowly turned to grin at me and I swallowed, nervous. "The human girl looks terrified," he retorted.: While I get really tired of bad guys always being from the origin of the character (mostly in movies, but it happens elsewhere as well.) I feel like seeing what Ty could have become is important. Neal is a living (or not so much living) embodiment of what Ty should have been.  He has a Physical enhancement sort of magic, with Telekinesis and that Neal has nurtured and trained. He was Making the two siblings into assassins, which means Ty was slowly being cut off from the world. That was, until he realized how much he loved his Sister, and then he met Rebecca.

I really Love the fighting in this book. Because It would be so much fun to watch on screen. It would be a martial arts movie with a sense of magic and romance. These two fighters, Ty and Neal, have the ability to cause more than physical pain. They can send the mind into a place where it is torturing itself. But it requires a massive amount of energy from their spirit.

The mark on the figures come from the idea that channeling one's spirit is a very intentional action. Like bowing when a person prays, or a runner puts on shoe, the mark indicated that there is a specific action that is going to take place. The fighting style that goes along with that would be a lot of fun to watch, because everything is so incredibly focused and willful. Like my favorite fighting scene ever. In IP Man, where he takes on ten of Japans best Karate students.

Now we know! We know what Ty did to his sister, he put here in a bottle! OH THE IRONY! Is it irony, I'm not actually sure. I will have to look into this, and maybe we will find out the answer in next weeks chapter!

By the way, the Grumpa... yeah, he's biased on a real person. I just don't wanna say who it is. But if ever there was a person who would be represent the leader of Goblins... then this person would... you know who you are!

Soundtrack song time! 84' Sheepdog by As Cities Burn

Appreciation time!
Literally Jesus Christ. You have been dealing with me since I was born, and you're always there when I need you. Thank you for the gifts you've given me. Stories, Rebecca, family, and Laughter. Please don't ever leave me, come closer and tell me more.

T.W. Clawson

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