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Chapter 7: Visions and Dreams

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So what did we learn here today friends? Hmm? HMM? Anyone?

We certainly learned that when you are pressed for time, and out of ideas, you can really make something happen. Not sure yet what it was that happened but it indeed happened.

This was a filler chapter of the book. It was transitional, and almost non important, unless you think that massive amounts of foreshadowing are important... then its kinda super important.

I really am not a fan of this chapter. Mostly because of the awkward conversation that Rebecca has with the police officer. It was thrown in there as a way to introduce something more important. Something that will continue to play a big part of not only this book, but also the series. (yes.. I said series.)  But the conversation was, while I think important,  it was hard to write because I hated the idea of being stuck in this situation.

But at the same time, and again, people don't speak perfectly. So this conversation felt a little forced, because it was. It was weird and unwarranted and I hate it, but it's really important.

Plus, with the scene in the Gold Dragon we seen something very important. Rebecca's vision. Not Ty's. This is the first time Rebecca has really done anything out of a normal human being's skill set. And while she denies her belief in the Phoenix, we see here that in her mind, she might believe that Ty is the Gold Dragon. It's just something to think about.

As I promised last week, real quick. The Pheonix Haungfeng is named differently than how it would be in real life. The whole premise of The Phoenix started as two separate birds, The male Feng and the Female Haung, then within Chinese lore, the two became one and were representative of the female equivalent to Long the Dragon. The Phoenix was then named Fenghaung.

Simply put, I didn't agree with the idea that the masculine name should come first for a now feminine character. So I reversed it. I'm not trying to rewrite history or anything, it just made more sense for me to make the switch, than to hate the name for ever.

We are starting to see more of what magic is in this world. And I wanted to make sure people understood where I stand on the whole subject. Because I have been witness to some of the evils that persuade our world, I didn't want to give it credence or favor within my story. I love books like Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. But I think people can misinterpret the magic that they use in those books for something like we have in the real world.

I wanted to make sure that if even if people wanted to say that my books are representative of the real world, they could see that there is something different with the magic that runs along side it. But again, this story is fiction, and the characters are fiction. The magic that they use is based on an exaggerated idea of faith in this real world. That's all it is.

By the way, I am a really big fan of Justin Flom for a video he posted. Talking about his craft and how people have called him out for being a tool of Satan. If you like cool guys who do magic tricks, then check him out.

The sound track for this chapter: Endless Fantasy by Anamanaguchi


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Well, I will see you guys next week right here for Chapter 8...

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