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Chapter 8: The Magi Temple

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The Magi Temple, was a gloriously romantic thought. An entire building, a whole monastery in the heart of a city. Sitting on the top most floors of a massive skyscraper. I'm absolutely in love with this idea. If I every make a billion dollars, I know the first thing I'm buying... A rebuilt hanging gardens version of a Mayan pyramid in a building in Portland, Oregon.

Besides my lofty goals of Rowlinghood, I feel really excited about this setting, because it's so new to me. The idea that an entire organization can fit into the urban setting like this makes it so much more magical and brings out the curiosity that I had as a kid visiting new places.

The whole idea came to me when I watched an Anime called Towa no Quon and in it there is a safe house in a penthouse, which is an open field. It was beautiful and so cool. So I deacided to take it a little further.

What I loved about it, is that it's so accessible, it's in the city and apart of it. But it's secluded, and hard to find. This a great place to set up a monastery, and to keep an eye on the world with out the world keeping it's eye on you.

The mains building in the penthouse should look a little something like this:

We have no idea what the hanging gardens really looked like, but these artiest concepts are a great reference. And I feel like Lady Erin is someone who would have taken meticulous care to create the space that honored her family.

And Speaking of Lady Erin, here are some imagies that inspired her and her Husband Tim the Protector.

Mythic Preview--Path Abilities:

Lady Erin and Magi Tim are based off of my wife's sister and Brother-in-law, there names... Erin and Tim...

I wasn't trying to stretch it to far with their characters. These tow are pretty important in the book, as well as my wife's life. Lady Erin is kind and smart and takes a liking to Rebecca, just the way an older sister would. Tim is strong and faithful, helping Rebecca find her way, and being a strong arm her life.

These are things that I see in Erin and Tim in real life. And I wanted to portray their importance in the book. I didn't want to flaunt some where names or make the characters any more magical than they will be.

I want this world of magic to be revealed like a curtain in Rebecca's life. As if she could have known it was there all her life, if she just looked hard enough. But now, being on this grand adventure, she is getting small bits of it at a time, and soon it will fully reveal to see a new and exciting part of the world that she had never known.

While I think Ty is the one that will ultimately introduce her to the world, I believe it will be Tim and Lady Erin that pull the curtains back for her. They will be the ones that stand on the for front of her introduction.

But we will see next week... won't we?

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