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Chapter 3:Gremlins

Hope you enjoyed Chapter 3 of
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OK! Chapter three! Hope you felt a little twinge of suspense, as well laughed a little. And what?! A talking cat?  
Yes, this is a real movie... on Netflix... That my wife and I watched all of... twice...

Anyway, Darcy can speak! hope you enjoyed that little twist, and his attitude toward the world. He fills the need in a every great adventure story to have a sort of side kick companion. Peter pan and Tinker Bell, Link And Navi, Turner and Hooch, The Doctor and K-9, Sonic and Tails, Yorick Brown and Ampersand... Ect. ect. ect.

Darcy is the essential tool that every great adventurer needs. A companion that has absolutely no reason to need the adventure. They are a tag along, an exception, nonessential in an absolutely unrelenting way. Darcy knows things, but he doesn't need to tell them to the others, he wants things, and he will play his cards the right way to get what he wants. But there's something more, he needs Rebecca. He knows how much she cares for him, and how much she is willing to put up with him, he doesn't know this about any one else.  It's a symbiotic relationship. He keeps her alive, and she keeps his tummy full.

Gremlins... What do ya think of those little nasty buggers. The idea of a Gremlin came from the same place as the Fairies, Pixies and Sprites. They of the same classification, the same kingdom, but a different race of being. While Sprites are in communion with nature, and Fairies protect nature, Gremlins are a force of nature. Having given themselves over to its wilds so much, that they are nothing more than a self aware Bee hive. Something that was not expressed throughout this book, but is slightly alluded to later, is that the gremlins were sent. It was no accident that they appeared when they did. But that's enough on that for now.

This was, hopefully, an exciting chapter. But one part I absolutely love is when Rebecca comes back from tying off the wench and the whole scene of Gremlins and Cat and Ty freezes.  Then with shaking ferocity the gremlin yells out for attack. I seriously laughed as I wrote it. In my mind, I'm watching a movie and writing it out as I go. So to see this in my head, playing over and over as I'm writing it was a little to much.

I was at work while writing a lot of this, and me busting into uncontrollable laughter was even more odd. But then I made my co-worker read the passage, and she looked at me with a face of contempt. Clearly not amused by the imagery I had given, I began to write it out more and more trying to place the image that I saw in my head, into yours (the readers). Maybe this might help.

Go back and read that passage (if you would like) and listen to this song while you do so...

I'm going to talk you through it real quick. This might seem weird, but it makes reading this passage a million times cooler. Like your a trailer voice over guy. It also helps if you get into character... *which I did

depending on how quickly you read it you can start in a different spot.  But at 1:24 into the video, you should began to read the last time Ty calls out to Rebecca.  The line goes

“Rebecca please! Come back quickly!” 

Read at a quick but steady pace. By the time 1:45 comes up on you, you should be about to say Rebecca's line, and you have about 15 seconds to read through the next chapter detailing the frozen moment. Then the crescendo comes back as the Gremlin  yells out for attack at 2:05

This might seem odd to some, that I might go into such detail on one tiny part of one tiny little book, but to me, this is what makes a book. Small detail, imagery that the author sees that he rest of the world doesn't.  I see and hear this in my head, and unfortunately books don't have sound tracks, so this is as close as I can get. There is no way for me to expect that everyone will do this, but for those that try it, and more specifically those that succeed in getting the moment that I had writing it, I hope you enjoy this.

I do, actually take back what I said about books not having Soundtracks. Because I do have a list of songs that I listened to, and That I think inspired my chapters a little more. I missed last week, so I will include it here:

2: Bloom - ODESZA
3: Tick Tick Boom - The Hives

Writing is so much more than Telling a story. It's about making a connection. Surpassing time and space and sharing an emotion that sits within me. A good writer reveals a plot, but more than that they make you feel what they feel. If you can read this passage of my book and laugh like I did, then I did my job as a writer. If you need the music to understand what's happening in my head, then at least I can do something to help you.

People that I want to shout out to this week are:

@marjalilli - Because you continue to challenge me. So welcome back. I'm also glad you liked the first couple chapters and I hope you continue to appreciate the book. And the scenes with the cat are necessary. I'm hoping that you have read this far and realize that Darcy is a very important character, which is why he was so important in the first chapter.

@DannyFlinn - You made my day when you read my book. Seriously, a terrible day, that was brightened by you and you words. Thank you.

@sammydrf - It's an odd connection to make, but valid none-the-less. The magi of Bethany thing is going to become pretty important later. I hope you continue to enjoy the book.

See you next week!
T.W. Clawson

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