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Chapter 5: The Gold Dragon

Running from ghosts, going on a kind of date, and possible cat cannibalism in Chapter five of
As always I invite you to read the chapter before you read this blog, but lets switch it up a bit. 

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Let me start with a definition, in case some of you missed it. 

Mayaa no Ushiru:
Cat meat

I know it's a morbid joke but whatever, sometimes you gotta throw a funny cat meat joke into a book to spice things up. I'm a rebel, whatever, you can't tell me what to do! You're not my DAD! 

Sorry dad...

I also love the quick conversation that Rebecca has with her cat. (cause that's a normal thing to do right?)  She is beginning to come to terms with the world she is now inhabiting and realizes that there are sometimes things that she needs to be specific about.  It's an almost Gilmore Girls type of fast paced conversation. Just with out all the pop culture references that no one gets. #GilmoreGirls

By the way Peru is really awesome! My wife and I have been there for real, and their coffee is legitimately the best I have ever had.


This was in the small town of Canta, Peru. About four hours into the Andes mountains from Lima, Peru. Lima being the capital. We had a great time being there. We Worked with a church to help people get free glasses. My wife made lots of friends with little girls, braiding lots of hair. I dressed up as a clown and let the boys beat the crap out of me with their balloon swords, and I was even on the radio! 

The Magi, which are starting to become more prominent in the book, were created to work all over the world. When thinking about what Ty's back ground would be, I immediately thought about him being a world traveler, and one of my favorite places really is Peru, so naturally so is Ty's. The promise of taking Rebecca to Peru and trying the coffee was no lie. He fully intends on taking her to his favorite place. The Hotel on the Mountain in Canta.

Unfortunately Molly and her grandma are not biased on anyone in the real world. but there is a small joke in there. This is not a racist thing, and it's barely a stereotype. It has nothing to do with culture or anything. It's an observation that my wife and I are constantly making.

80% of Asian American girls are like, Molly or Maggie, weather they came to America after being adopted, or their parents came here and so Molly or Maggie is a first Generation American. It doesn't bother me, it's just funny. And that slight small observation was applied to the Molly of this book.  I also put a lot of thought into her name in a symbolic aspect. 

Her name is Molly Pinyin
Molly has Hebrew origins meaning Rebellious and Bitter. When we first meet Molly, I think that's exactly how she is, though she has great customer service. But she IS frustrated with her grandma, and wasting time working in the restaurant. Having to put up wither Her grandmothers superstitions.  
Pinyin is Chinese symbolism for Duck which represents blissful marriage. You will see soon what this means for the intrepid heroes of the story. But a slight teaser is that Molly and her grandmother are certainly bearers of good tidings. 

I like Molly because she is a mix of old and new. Hope, Faith and cynicism. 

Track for the week - Tongues - Joywave

Appreciation for this week  

#1 my wife. Who took care of my when I was super sick. Who puts up with me and all my flaws. I love you Moon.  

 @angelyntjf , @SandCrystal , @crazyme456  and @Lord_Xusecer all of you guys had to put up with me commenting on your stories like I know what I'm talking about. I'm sorry if I made you feel anything but good about your work. You are doing amazing things and I hope you will never let anything I say or do distress you in any way. 

If your from wattpad and you're following me, then I seriously cannot stress how excited I ma for you. I will officially announce a contest that I will be starting in a couple weeks. This is !))% a way for me to get followers, and reads. I won't bead around the bush on that. But with the amount of money I'm putting into it, I think it's worth the effort and the honesty.

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