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Cahpter 4: The Ghost

Are you still with me through Chapter four of

If you haven't experienced this chapter yet, make sure you go to Wattpad and red it. 

Or just buy it... cause it's that good. 

This is the real life inspiration for the B&B in Rebecca Moon 

It might not look like much, but it's creepy as hell! Obviously I added some exaggerations to this house, because I'm a flipping writer, that's what I do! But this is a house I have seen a lot while drive out to see my mother and it always stuck out to me, how odd it was and at night how creepy it seemed to become. 

There was a period where the house was abandoned, owners couldn't handle it or something, the point being that they were gone. And it had stayed dark, empty and creepy for about a year or so. except for one night. I was driving past it, away from my mom's place, and I had stopped to call my (then girlfriend, now) wife. As I sat across the street from this godforsaken clown home, I saw movement in the upper window. 

Now, as reasonable and logical man of... sometimes science, sometimes God... I felt as though there had to be a reason for a person to be in that house. But, as a young 20 something year old human being looking at a creepy house at like 1am,  I just about Sh*t myself.  It's not that I thought there was a real ghost in the building, or that a demon was watching me from the window, it was just a sense of unknowing. 

That building had been alone, abandoned and dark for so long, and now there was someone in the house like a frigging creeper of the night, and it was unnatural. In my world, in my life, it was wrong for there to be someone in that house, my mind literally couldn't comprehend a person being in there. So of course my wife on the other end of the phone heard me stop mid sentence and breath heavily for a moment. Then when I had confirmed that there was indeed a face looking out the window... at me... I began to (in the manliest fashion possible) scream like a little girl. Screaming obscenities and using Science's name in vain I dropped the phone a drove off for my life. 

I ended up calling my wife back and letting her know that I indeed did not die in a horrific car accident, but had seen something that would haunt me in my dreams for several years. 

One of the coolest things I think about with this chapter is that Rebecca Moon and Ty share a quick moment before drifting off to sleep, and this just goes to show that despite being pushed past the point of utter exhaustion, they are still bonding. Rebecca is so tired, so weak and so confused inside, that she cant see the darkness around her. Ty as well, is so caught up in his spell, that he lets something else pull the wool over his eyes. 

But even through this, their uncertainty their pain and worry, they hold on to each other. Rebecca is such a right and wrong type of person, that she can't do anything but what she things is good. Catching Ty off guard, he can sense this in her and begins to feel the twinge of guilt for involving her. Rebecca's innate goodness is convicting Ty of things that he can't even come to terms with, but it also gives him hope.  

They are making each other better people and at this time they have no idea that it's happening. They are drawn to each other like gravity pulls the moon and the earth. It is a force of nature that Neither of them can control or understand completely. But that is where things begin to soften the ground for the seed to be planted. 

And that is where the Seed of love will flourish.

Song for the Chapter: Noticed - Mutemath
 A very good song, by one of the best bands ever. Seriously go check it out right now.


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