Saturday, January 30, 2016

Chapter 2: Faries, Pixies & Sprites

So you have made it to chapter 2 of


Good for you, hope you enjoyed it.  If you haven't read the chapter yet, head over to Wattpad and check it out.

This chapter was SO much fun to write. As you will notice throughout the rest of the book, there is about two or three parts to each chapter. This is simply because of the way I wrote it. I wrote 1,500 to 2,000 words a day and considered that a chapter, later I went through and combined each part into a newer larger chapter. 

This chapter had the two parts I wrote for the three girls that help Rebecca begin her great journey. These were completely and utterly ripped from reality and given new form in this book. I wanted to add an element of surprise to having three small flying girls show up at Rebecca's door, and that was that these were indeed three different girls. They all have very specific personalities and backgrounds.

Taken from my wife's very amazing cousins and best friends, Joy, Trish and Ara are three of the silliest and endearing characters I have ever written. And sitting down to make a person into a mythical creature always makes their personality shine. Just as my wife's cousins are completely different, but could commonly be mistaken as very much alike, so too are the creatures that knocked on Rebecca's door.

Fairies have always been the sort of staple when it comes to small flying glowing things. I have seen everything from Peter pan fairies to Hellboy, and fairies have always been very dynamic and easily changed to fit a story. I didn't want to change them so much, but rather show a difference in what people thought were fairies.

With a Pixie you have a much more earthy type of build. Bug like wings, mushroom cap, and flesh. They seem less like a mystical creature and more like a giant ass bug, or something of the sort. Pixies are a child like creature that wants to have fun and enjoy the area around them. They make mud pies and break sticks like a karate chop. And of course in the case of Trish, hide things to teach people a lesson.

Then you have Sprites (no, not Spirits and certainly not the soft drink, but I think most of you may know that.) Sprites are creatures that commune as a part of nature. they are often seen as a water fairy or something of the sort. But I think it's important that each of these races and classifications has it's own history and purpose. Ara is a water Sprite, who can communicate with other water sprites, because they are all connected, like a river to the ocean. She is not a Pixie who couldn't care less for a puddle of water.

Finally The Fairy. Joy is a fairy, a figure of light in the darkness. She talks, herself, about being the defender for the woods. The fairy I think is a creature that stands alone for the most part, and sees the darkness around them, but embodies what the human spirit could only dream of. They stand firm in the dark, but shine brightly and with a sense of fun.  They are beautiful because that's what we as humans wish to be.

After the first week of being on Wattpad, I am renewed in my excitement for this book.

I have made a few friends and am continually learning about the community online. In six days (because I'm writing this on a Friday) I have had over 130 views of my book. if we continue in this pattern exponentially, I think I might pee my pants!

Starting next week, with chapter three, I will be joining some Book Clubs, and trying to get a few more readers. I hope that If you are reading this, then you enjoy the story so far (or have bought it and enjoy all off it!) and that you will share the story with your friends. Whether on Wattpad, or in real life, I hope you will pass this on.

And I will end this with my first week appreciation.

@Chloe_xl - For making me fell like a good writer.

@FatedPhoenix - For being the first to comment on the story, I'm glad you liked it.

@Lord_Xusecer - For leaving a critique that absolutely made my day wonderful.

@nateisfunny - For asking for chapter two. I hope the demands keep coming. Remember you can always just buy it on kindle for like $3.

@marjalilli - For making me make a cover that I was not OK with, but happy to see finished.

@oliviarose85 - For starting the EXCERPT thread. It has been really fun to follow along with that. Even if I'm terrible at chatting online.

Thanks, everyone. Have a great week!

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