Saturday, January 2, 2016

Soon... Very Soon...

Lets just get the funny pic out of the way:

HA HA! Anyway...

I'm glad your checking out this post because it's kin of a big deal. I know I'm not the most consistent, entertaining, prominent or gifted blogger in the world. The fact is though, I'm fine with that. I'm fine with that fact simply because I don't want to be a blogger. I'm not trying to go out of my way to write every single day, or week to entertain or make my name synonymous with some great weekly article.

Instead I insist on working on my Novels, or my Shirts, or just plan working for that matter.

But this is a big post for the very reason that it will be the beginning of a new set up for the Blog. Soon, I will be releasing my book "Rebecca Moon and The Boy in the Bottle", selling it on Amazon as an E-book as well as trade paper back.  I'm very excited about this, as I'm sure you can imagine

What I'm more excited about is that I will be releasing "Rebecca Moon" on Wattpad for free. Every week I will upload a chapter of the book and allow the world a glimpse into the whole story. It is an attempt (I will admit) to try and get people to buy the whole thing. I'm not doing this to make money, but rather to gather attention.

Further more, I intend on updating this Blog weekly as well. I know that this might not seem like a big deal to some, but the fact is, I will have a purpose in doing so. Most of the time I don't write in my Blog because I don't know what to talk about. Despite what my family will tell you, I'm not a big fan of giving out my option to people that I can't see face to face, and I haven't actually done a lot. So I don't have a lot of experiences to share with others.

With putting each chapter of the book on Wattpad, I would like to allow the reader to get to know me a little bit more. If there was anything people know about me, it's that I do love to talk about my books. Like... A lot. So that's what I'm going to do. Every week I when I update my book on Wattpad, I will zip over here and update my Blog with some surrounding things. Things I like or dislike about the chapter, replies to comments on Wattpad, extra content on the whole process.

Adding fun things as well. Talking about the music I was listening to while writing, creating a kind of play list sound track. Art that Inspired different characters and creatures even some inside jokes that most people wouldn't understand with out the Authors input.

I'm posting this as a kind of warning. That this will take up most of the Blog now, and that if you wanna know what I'm talking about, it's probably a good idea to either buy the book, or follow along on Wattpad. Not that I think a lot of people read this, and/or care about what I do here.

If you do, though, if you happen to follow along with what I write, or stumble across this then I would ask something of you. Tell your friends and family. I know that this book is not for everyone. It's going to speak to some people, and not others, and that's totally fine. If your not the type of person that cares about this book, then move on, but before you do remember that there is probably between one and five people in your life that might actually care about this book. Someone you know that could use a good story, a laugh, a small twinge of heartbreak and and over all sense of encouragement.

If you don't buy or follow the book for your own sake, consider who ever pops into your head.

I hope you enjoy the next few months, and I hope to hear from you.

T.W. Clawson

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