Thursday, January 7, 2016

Date and Cover Release!

I know that many of you, and by that I mean the 7billion people who live on Earth, don't really care, but for those of you that do...

I'm releasing my book, Rebecca Moon and the Boy in the Bottle!

I'm setting it for Thursday, January 21st on amazon for both Paperback and E-book. As well, Starting that Saturday, the 23rd, I will be uploading one chapter on Wattpad weekly.

If you wanna see my big plan for everything, check out an older post that lays out everything a little more.

And, as I'm sure you have scrolled down to see, below is the cover art for the book. As off this moment of me writing, there is only one physical copy in existence, and my wife has it on her book shelf. Check it out!



So there it is.
I will be updating my Blog and my Webpage:
You can follow me and purchase the book on my website as well as (if they all work out...) in several stores in the Portland area. Which I will post as soon as it available.

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