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Chapter 1: The Boy in the Bottle

Welcome to the First chapter of

I hope you enjoyed it, or if you have yet to read it then, go back and READ the DERN thing!

 The first thing you need to know about this book is that it was written as gift for my wife. Yes, her name is Rebecca, and I’m gonna be honest the metaphors and analogies aren’t that complicated in this book. But they weren’t meant to be, they were meant to be jokes and funny little things that I know my wife would laugh at while she read this book. So if it feels like you're missing out on some big inside joke… the fact is, you probably are.

I also wrote this book For National Novel Writing Month (or Nano Wrimo). A challenge to all writers, amateur and professional, to write at least 50,00 words in the thirty days of November. I took up this challenge and by Nov. 24th I had 53,000 words. I'm not saying this to tell you how great I am, but rather to inspire anyone reading this to take up the mantle this next year and do it. Cause If I can, then so can you.

Soundtrack Track 1: At Home - Crystal Fighters

Listen along each week and hear the music I listened to while I was writing.

But lets get away from those stiff background things and get into the story.


What is happening to our young protagonist. Lets meet her real fast. Rebecca Moon is a sweet loving girl who, if you didn't catch it in this chapter loves video games. She is approximately sixteen, thought I don't talk about it to much. I want the character to be slightly ambiguous so she is acceptable to a wide range to people. The younger generation will most likely make her a year or to older, so that they can imagine life yet to come for themselves, while the older generation will make her a little younger, to create an innocence and nativity that they can enjoy watching.

I wrote this chapter with my wife in mind, a younger version of her as it is. A girl who didn't seek out the world around her, but rather enjoyed her solitude.Of course this character is not exactly my wife, the imagery, though, is best summed up with her. While I'm sure wife would kill me if I posted a picture of her as a representation of the character in the book, Here is a self portrait of her when she was younger. A gift that was given to me years ago when we first started dating.

This world that Rebecca Moon is now apart of is something unfamiliar to us all. Yet some how, it calls out to us every single day. Every time we feel something watching us from the shadows, every time we hear a noise we can't explain. The fear that grows inside us from no reason, this is the world that Rebecca is being thrust into. The explanation for those odd occurrences, the reveal of the monster behind the darkness.

What I love about Rebecca is that while she is being taken to a new world, a new realm of existence, without knowing it mind you, she is still innocent. She is more concerned with her Cat, than the  monsters. The first and most important thing about the boy in the bottle is that he's naked.   Rebecca is real girl, who has real idea's about what is right and wrong, and sometimes it takes her longer to understand the real situation at hand, because she is so caught up in her own prejudices.

Darcy, the cat, was absolutely named after Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice. It is my wife's favorite book, and favorite characters of all time. If she wasn't obsessed with giving her cat's ridiculousness names... then this would be a great name for her cat.

Cat's (and their ridiculous names) of my wife:

Tat/ Tatafur






Panda/ Panda Rat/ Rat

Pickels/ Dills/ Killer/ The Scardest Cat.  (In full honesty, this is not a picture of the real Dills. but I couldn't find a pic, so I supplemented with a generic pic. But this is her color and how fat she really was. in reality I don't think I could have found a better picture... )

And finally...

Momo, Mosby, Moser, Asshole...

The one Color of Cat that my wife says she wishes she could have one day is a Tabby, but she flips out every time she sees a calico, and so I thought in a perfect world Rebecca Moon would have her perfect Mr. Darcy Calico Cat. Also I't almost impossible for a Calico to be Male, which makes Darcy even more rare. Some slight metaphors in there... just so you know.

The monsters in this chapter are Goblins. Though I didn't decided that until much later in the book, They do play a pretty important role, which you will find out later (Muhahahaha!) . I have never been able to find an appropriate picture of them, because my Goblins are slightly original.
Out at my wife's childhood home, Coyotes were out every night. The Few nights that I stayed there, I could hear them around the house scampering around and yelping and howling. It's a blood curtailing and intense sound that made my hair stand on end.  The inspiration for the goblins in my book are those coyotes. The idea that we as humans have rationalized something terrifying, made normal a monster that hides in the darkness.

They are not the Goblins from Troll 2:

Song for this chapter: At Home - Crystal Fighters

I hope you have learned a little more about the first chapter of the book and I hope you enjoyed reading it this far. Keep an eye out for the next chapter of the book on Wattpad, Or if you want feel free to check out my webpage to learn more about buying the entire book at once.
Leave a comment here, or on Wattpad and let me know what you think. If you buy the Book out right, then feel free to leave a review, or talk with me here as you read along.

 See you guys soon!

T.W. Clawson

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