Saturday, December 26, 2015

When the calls come in

Recently, and by that I mean literally two minutes into my shift, I picked up the phone at my Place of Tasks and had this exact conversation.

Customer: Hello I was... you... the xbo... les to plug from the TV...
Me: ...
Me: I'm sorry what was that?
Customer: Yeah, I wanted to know if... cables... fo... V... plugs... looks kinda like a... iuo jack...
Me: Umm... ok. Yeah, so if you're looking for Xbox One to TV through HDMI Cables then we have those, but we don't have any Component cables that fit to the Xbox one.
Customer: What?
Me: No, we don't have that.
Customer: Do you even know what I'm looking for?
Me: Honestly... not really.
Customer: [Breathes heavily.] Then why would you just star spouting off.
Me: [nervous chuckle] I just didn't wanna keep saying "what". Thought I could answer your questions.
Customer: What? That's stupid! you pretending to know what your talking about is way more annoying than asking what a couple times.
Me: What?
Customer: I said its way more annoy when you act like you know.
Me: I'm so sorry, you keep cutting out. can you repeat that?
Customer: [slightly louder] I said it's ok to make sure you heard me properly, it's not that annoying.  It's more annoying when you pretend you know something, when you really don't.
Me: I'm just not getting everything your saying. What was that?
Customer [talking slowly, irritdatedly and loudly] I'm just saying, don't pretended like you know something when you don't!
Me: What was that?
Customer: [Now yelling] Don't pretended like you know! It's more annoying than ask-
Me: What?
Me: Was there anything else I can help you with?
Customer: [Click]

T.W. Clawson

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