Friday, October 25, 2013

Hello morning, you came much to soon.

I woke up this morning at 3 am. 
Don't worry this isn't going to be another rant on my early morning walks or love loss there of.
No, I woke at 3 to the sound of clicking. It might sound harmless, and somewhat anti-climatic, but the fact is that this clicking was loud enough to wake me up. Now, I'm a fairly heavy sleeper. Nothing like a log of course, but heavy none the less. I snore pretty badly, as i have been told by several people, and so I must be a pretty heavy sleeper,since I barely wake myself up. I fall asleep with the television on in the other room pretty easily. My room mates usually stay up later than I do.
I sleep with a fan on all the time, in fact I find it almost impossible to sleep with  out some kind of sound to downed out the silence. Honestly, I think that I might be afraid of silence more than dark. So I know that I'm not a wuss when it comes to sound around me when sleeping.
This clicking, on the other hand, gets under my skin. It's like having a hand hit up against the wall, and or, under the floor of my bedroom every few second to few minutes. It wakes me from sleep (like I said) and it keeps me awake. Because of this little clapping sound through out my house, I am up for hours, HOURS! That's precious time for sleep.
I used to think that it was something like an animal in my walls. It was very concerned that there were rats or some kind of rodent walking around at night. I would get up and stomp around to see if I could get it to scurry. I even went into a little hole in my wall to see if I could catch it, it find droppings. Guess what I found... nothin... squat... nilch.
Then I realized that the clicking was to exact to be an animal. There was a pattern, there was consistency. So I figured maybe it was the wind, blowing a branch against the roof, which echoed and projected into my room. I started to like this theory. mostly because it meant that I would be able to do something about it. The clicking would cause me to become so infuriated, so crazy, that I would walk climb to my roof with something sharp. Something like a chainsaw, or bull cutters, bone saw, a butchers knife. Heck I would climb to the roof with a pair of "My Little Pony" scissors to hack that branch off.
And I almost did.
There was a night that I was woken up by the devils sound, and I ran out side to watch the trees around my house. Once I was standing outside seeing the branches sway and move, and I could see that nothing was even close to hitting my roof. So that theory was a bust, and I had to move on to something else.
That's when i started to figure it was something mechanical. Nature was not against me, but rather mans creation. It had to be something man made, it sounded more and more like a machine. Thirty seconds, then two minutes, then forty five seconds, then two minutes apart. always in perfect synchronization. Perfect fits, like a cog on a watch or a grandfather clock. Oh how I wish it was a grandfather clock. The gentle and stead tick tock, and swaying would put me to sleep in moments.
No, there was something built into the walls that was determined to disrupt my dreams. There was something placed in my house that screamed out obscenities in my sleep. There was something evil in my home and i was going to find it.
I checked my bathroom, for dripping facets.
I checked the kitchen for the fridge or freezer doing weird things.
I checked under the house to see if there was something happening under there People told me that it could be the house settling. But i refused to believe it could be so innocent, and all I found was the heater sitting below my room.
how could I have missed it!? I mean, the sound seemed to echo in the vents, and it started when the weather started to get colder. It was so obvious. Well, it couldn't have been that obvious, since it took me two weeks to figure it out right? Right?
so now the battle had transitioned from a man against nature and man against machine, it had become man against man.
It was only time that could tell how my room mates would react to the news that their comfort was literally driving me mad. Knowing that the heat they craved at night, the imitation warm of a mothers womb, was slowly and methodically killing me. I had brought it up to them, and they seem to be somewhat concerned, but still unwilling to give up their precious thermal security.
I have seemed for the last few nights to find myself in the sweet delight of a full nights sleep. It was wonderful, and i thought that all was good in the home of ice.
But then, like I said, this morning, I woke to the sound of the beast, rapping in my ears. and I knew that very moment, all was not good, and something had to change.
I think I'm gonna have to talk to my roommate... I hate this.
T.W. Clawson

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