Monday, June 2, 2014

Annoying like a public announcement

I really don't mean to repeat myself.
I just wanted to let you guys... Meaning anyone who is odd enough to read this blog... know that I do in fact have a page where you can buy some of the prints that I have shown off here. some of my graphics are just for show, something that I work on, nothing to sell. But Most of the work I do, is to help me in some way. Be it stature, money or reputation. 
In this case its money. 
Here is the website that hosts my work. It is also home to thousands of other artists and craftspeople. Its really cool, like the Portland Saturday Market... but... online.

Here you can see things like theses:

There are plenty more to see on my page and it would be cool to see that people are checking out my stuff. so help a self critical Brotha out and buy some shirts... you know, if you want to. 


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