Monday, June 9, 2014

Adventure time! (the comments and views expressed in the post do not reflect that of the creators of the cartoon network series "Adventure Time")

Welcome to my Adventure!
Not long ago I set out on a fun little project to create something i had stuck in my head. I don't know if any of you guys out there in the digital land have ever had that happen to you, where a project or an idea just nags at you and nags at you until you finally do it, but this was what happened to me.
So below is the process through which i made my coffee mug holder. as well as my reactions to each step and what was going on in my brain.

Step 1... get some wood...

As you can see I got mine... this is Freddy. Freddy the Wood is a 28 x 32 piece of wafer board that i picked up from the local builders supply store.   He was just sitting there in the scrap pile and i chose him to become something greater. Something that could never die, and idea. Freddy the Wood was about to be come a symbol! So i cut him down to the exact size i needed and let him hang at my place till i finished my work. I took an inch off of each side so as to give myself some stapling room. 

Step 2... Get some canvas...
Now i forgot to take a picture of it while it was completely untouched, but believe me... I did buy a piece of canvas and it was blank, and it was exactly one yard long. Imagine if you will that you bought a large preframed canvas piece for painting on, then you ripped the canvas off the frame and had a simple cloth in your hands... that's exactly what you would have seen in this picture. 

Step 3: Print 
It took me a long time to get this printed out, because i wanted to try and get it as perfect as possible. Unfortunately i'm terrible at being perfect, so i screwed it up... massively.  as follows is what i did in the printing, and my face... reacting to such triumphs and failures

I had to fold the canvas into four parts to get it to fit in the printer. this is really my biggest hurtle. Here you can see that I got the first corner printed and ready to be matched up for the next part. what you don't see is the back side of the canvas, where i printed the corner upside and had to start over completely.   

As you can see, I am both excited and mildly annoyed at the set back. But persistent at getting this thing done. and done right.  That's what this face is... if you didn't catch that. 

So Now I get the second panel set up and ready to print. 
As you can see by my face... I'm quite nervous

Success! I was somehow able to match the two sides up perfectly. We now have our bottom half, and a swelling of pride and happiness. 
Which is exactly what you will see here. 
There was so much joy in my soul., that my face could hardly contain the overflow. Not that i wonder if you can tell, I'm obviously jubilant in this picture. 

When I prepared to do the first top section, i took over 15 minutes mesureing and aligning. Making sure everything was perfect. So when i pushed that massivce green button to tell the mechine to print, i was fairly confadent that it would turn out great!
Failure! The stright edge that you see below is the product of pride and decite! The gods had seen my sucess and were jelouse. I was dneyed my beauty and my birth right! for ever being taunted by a 1/4 of and inch!

As you can see It lead to the next section to come up off the line and create a line in the graphic that will always remind me of the time i was limited to mere mortality. I was flying in the skies with my beautiful wings, and sun just had to burn them to a crisp, sending me crashing back to the ground that is reality.  

I'm sure you can see here that I'm a boiling over in rage, unable to control myself. do you see a bit of green forming in my skin color, i wouldn't be surprised... I was basically becoming the hulk. 
My insides were eating them selves, a lava like substance was starting to turn in my stomach, the world was spinning and i could feel its toppling. which i'm sure you could see in this picture of me. 

This was the final product of the printing process. and before you go patronizing me with flattery, just know that while it will be much appreciated, will slowly kill me, and never allow me to rise to my full potential. 

Step 4: Puts some close on Freddy!

Here you can see that a beautiful and intelligent young man is trying to figure out just how to hold a piece of canvas and not staple his hand to good ol' Freddy the Wood. 

and after all the work I finally have a Piece of wood with a cloth draped over it. BUT A COOL DRAPE! 


I then went through and screwed in some hook and framed the picture with a few of my coffee mugs.
This was the end result and i really couldn't be happier with it.  

Which I'm sure you can tell. 

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