Monday, May 12, 2014

That's just what I think

So, I wrote this whole post and realized it was just a crazy angry Rant.
So I went ahead and stripped it down to the bare essentials, so its less crazy, and more the main thoughts going on inside

There are a lot of things that piss me off in life, but there is one thing that I absolutely hate above all.

The thing is, I probably hate these things because I see them in myself. I'm a huge screw up.

Now please don't red and then go, "ahhh, Tyler your not a screw up." because I am speaking from personal experience. its like if I said, " Arizona is hot in the summer months." and you have been to Arizona and you loved it and didn't wanna hear people bash on it. So you reply with, "But it's a dry heat. so its not as hot."
the fact remains that Arizona is a HOT state in the summer months, and I speak out of personal experience. It's hot, It's Freaking HOT! Its like Hell made a mistake on its fire and brimstone order form that month and had a clearance sale, everything must go, and Arizona decided that it would be a good investment and bought it all up, charged it to their master card and let the heat insure! Just as sure as I am about the Lucifer welcoming heat of Arizona, I am that much more positive of the screw ups in my life.

 The last big Screw up that I remember, cause it happens so much that I forget all of them, was with my Dad, Uncle, Family friend Brother and Cousin.
we were all hanging out on a porch talking about movies and stuff. One of the fun things about my family is the fact that we love to say movie lines. Its almost a challenge. One person says a line from a movie and everyone else tries to figure it out and say other lines from said movie. or at least how I see it happening in my mind. Well, since we were on the topic of movies and what happened to be WW2, I thought it would be fun to spout out a line form a movie I had watched just the night before. Inglorious Bastards.  (now that I have said I watched it, I wanna tell you how I feel about that movie. So I think I will, in another post.)
I don't even remember the line that I said! That's How dumb this was. As well, I realized while saying it that it was to long a line. and that I hadn't memorized it perfectly. So I randomly jumped into this conversation with a movie quote, that nobody could figure out. It was WAY to long so it was not very funny, AND I was doing that thing were I was correcting myself while trying to say it... Worst... Joke... Ever.

But I still can excuse it. Because I live with these same tenancies. Because I think when humanity took on the sin of the world it brought about the Neediness, and stupidity, and lack of interest in what people are saying. But what I will never live with, What I will never allow people to do around me, ever, Is to think that they are better than me for any reason.

Let me say that again. I am Better than no person.

I am Better than No One.

Ok. So I'm playing a fine line here.

 I will never understand the constant though process that says, "If I am meaner I will get more out of the situation."


 Its not the generic, "be nice to people, and the world will be a better place." It's actually quite the opposite.

If you walk into a retail space and/or call a call center and you are in a foul mood, or mean or pushy, I will purposely antagonize you.

People believe that because they can go tell on an associate, that they have some crazy power over them.

When in fact the manager who gets complained to actually in the end will side with the associate.

Complainers are doing nothing but feeding the delusion of resolution of their own ego.

Ask me a question then I expect that they will allow me to answer.

Someone thinks that they are better than me enough to interrupt me, and not worry what my full answer is, is Someone who doesn't even need a real answer. So I won't give them one. I will not play into the games of the high and mighty.

That is the highly condensed version of this rant. Thank you.

T.W. Clawson

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