Saturday, October 17, 2015


I know that This blog has be come less me writing and more me posting pics and stuff. But the fact is that I spend most of my writing time writing my actual book. Maybe when I get more writing time for myself, I will actually be able to blog constantly. At this point, it's more when times get slow at work.
But here are a few pictures of the book I printed out. The First book in a trilogy, and I will begin querying again in the coming month. But this is a cool post because its an accomplishment. If I wanted to, I could self publish. I have full ability to do so, yet I feel called to traditional publishing. Mostly because I want to work on Christ's time, not my own. If God tells me to self publish, then I will. As it goes now,  I don't feel called to do so, I feel called to continue to write and continue to write I shall.
So here it is. The Split-World: The Inheritance.

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